Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess

A Courageous Hero For Peace



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Rudolf Hess - Casualty Of Conscience


The Murder Of Rudolf Hess (6 Videos)


Hess: The Missing Years

by David Irving

Index To Items On Rudolf Hess, Deputy Führer


Rudolf Hess - (1894-1987)


Rudolf Hess: His Enduring Legacy (Audio)

by Mark Weber


The Legacy Of Rudolf Hess

by Mark Weber

The Murder Of Rudolf Hess (Six Ernst Zundel Videos)


The Inside Story Of The Hess Flight


YouTube - Rudolf Hess


A Son's Struggle For His Father's Honor

The Life And Death Of My Father, Rudolf Hess

by Wolf Rüdiger Hess

Rudolf Hess Opening Speech At The 1934 Nuremberg Rally (English Subtitles)


Rudolf Hess

The Hitler - Mannerheim Conversation, June 4, 1942

Only Existing Recording Of Hitler That Isn't A Speech (underestimated USSR strength)

How Hitler Tackled Unemployment And Revived Germany's Economy

by Mark Weber

Did Hitler Approve Hess's Mission?

Rudolf Hess Tribute

A Tribute To The Martyr For Peace, Rudolf Hess, April 26, 1894 -- August 17, 1987.


The Murder Of Rudolf Hess


Top Nazi Rudolf Hess Exhumed From 'Pilgrimage' Grave

The Grave Holding The Remains Of Adolf Hitler's Deputy Rudolf Hess

Has Been Destroyed To Stop It Being Used As A Pilgrimage Site By Neo-Nazis.

Rudolf Hess Exhumed To Deter Neo-Nazi Pilgrims


Bones Of Hitler Deputy Rudolf Hess Exhumed, Burned

The Bones Of Adolf Hitler's Deputy, Rudolf Hess,

Have Been Removed From Their Grave In A Small Bavarian Town

That Had Become A Pilgrimage Site For Neo-Nazis.

Cremated Bones Of Rudolf Hess To Be Strewn Over Sea


Rudolf Hess's Plane Crashes In Scotland 1941


Rudolf Hess: Flight Of Fancy

by Peter Padfield

Rudolf Hess To Scotland (May 1941)

This Is A Vignette From A Television Special On The World War II

Hosted By Walter Cronkite On The "German High Command".

It Deals With Flight Of Rudolf Hess To Scotland.

It Would Play A Role In The Question Of Hess'

Ability To Stand Trial In Nuremberg (1945-46)

Report Into Rudolf Hess Death Fails To Answer

Unexplained Questions About Nazi Prisoner's 'Suicide'

It Has Been 25 Years Since Leading Nazi Rudolf Hess Died In A Berlin Prison

But A Newly-Declassified Report Into How It Happened Has Apparently Failed

To Answer Unexplained Questions About Whether He Really Did Kill Himself.

by John-Paul Ford Rojas and Murray Wardrop


Rudolf Hess Nuremberg Verdict And Beyond


The Flight Of Rudolf Hess

Rudolf Hess: Inside The Mind Of Hitler's Deputy

Previously Unseen Notes Of An Army Psychiatrist Reveal How The British

Tried To Get Inside The Mind Of Germany's Deputy Fuhrer, Rudolf Hess,

During World War II In An Attempt To Get Inside The Mind Of The Nazis.

by Keith Moore


Statement Of Nuremberg Defendant Rudolf Hess (Aug. 31, 1946) (Trial Day 216)

Rudolf Hess - Biography


Nuremberg (ARG) - Rudolf Hess

Rudolf Hess, A Martyr Of The Occident, Was Put In Prison For Life

For Trying To Negotiate Peace Between Britain And Germany.

His Message Of Peace Between Brothers Lives On.


Die Kriegschuld-Lüge Answering The Victors' Lies About German War Guilt

by Jürgen Rieger

Hitler was concerned about the threat to German cities and industrial areas that was posed by Czech air bases. Because it felt betrayed by the Sudeten agreement and the Western powers, Czechoslovakia had adopted close relations with the Soviet Union, which had already stationed 300 airplanes in the Czech regions. Hitler, who knew that war with the Soviet Union inevitable, could not allow the Czech regions to serve as a staging area and "aircraft carrier" for the Soviet Union.

The Morgenthau Plan

David Irving's Introduction to the Morgenthau Plan


Berlin 1936 Olympic Games: Opening Ceremonies


The Recording Of Hitler With Baron Mannerheim

June 4, 1942. Dining in the train wagon: Adolf Hitler, Finnish Prime Minister Jukka Rangell, President Risto Ryti, military commander, Marshal Carl Gustav Mannerheim


Rudolf Hess: The Führer's Deputy

What Secret Did He Take To The Grave?

by Ingrid Zundel


Rudolf Hess

by Ancestors (Slovak Band)


Eisenhower's Holocaust -

His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans

Hitler 'Gave Go-Ahead To Rudolf Hess Mission

To Secure Peace With Winston Churchill'

by Allan Hall


The Oath To Adolf Hitler

Speech by Rudolf Hess February 25, 1934


Reported Statement By Hess statement-by-hess-1-465177

Death Of Rudolf Hess Part 1/2


Death Of Rudolf Hess Part 2/2


Uniting Danzig With Germany

by Adolf Hitler

Speech by the Führer and Reich Chancellor at the Langer Market in Danzig

Tuesday, September 19, 1939


The Danzig Crisis

October 24, 1938 - September 2, 1939

by C. Peter Chen


No Official Statement On Rudolf Hess (May 22, 1941)


Allied Plans To Annihilate The German People


Germany Must Perish!

The Book That Hitler Fears

by Theodore N. Kaufman (1941)


Rudolf Hess: Inside The Mind Of Hitler's Deputy

Previously Unseen Notes Of An Army Psychiatrist Reveal How The British

Tried To Get Inside The Mind Of Germany's Deputy Fuhrer, Rudolf Hess,

During World War II In An Attempt To Get Inside The Mind Of The Nazis.

by Keith Moore


Rudolf Hess 'Was Lured To Britain By MI6 Plot'

Rudolf Hess Was Lured To Britain In An Elaborate MI6 Sting,

According To A New Book That Claims To Solve

One Of The Most Enduring Mysteries Of The Second World War.


Deanna Spingola


Deanna Spingola



"You take an oath to a man whom you know follows the laws of providence, which he obeys independently of the influence of earthly powers, who leads the German people rightly, and who will guide Germany's fate. Through your oath you bind yourselves to a man who - that is our faith - was sent to us by higher powers. Do not seek Adolf Hitler with your mind. You will find him through the strength of your hearts."

Rudolf Hess